Lack of creativity

Raza Ullah

Creativity means the ability to make something new or think of new ideas. The future of our children and success of the country depends on creative education, but creative students are very few due to some major reasons; first, the teachers do not allow the students to ask questions; they are very strict and students are there only to listen. Secondly, the students’ aim is to get good marks in examination and for this purpose some of the students study just before the start of examination and prepare teachers’ notes.
Thirdly, most of the students waste their time on Facebook, films and other irrelevant things. It is necessary for the teachers to give opportunity to the students to ask questions and allow their skills, knowledge and capabilities. The student should not confine themselves only to the selective study to pass the examination; rather, they should endeavour to gain knowledge, wisdom and awareness about life and should read of newspapers, magazines and books on history, social sciences and latest developments in the world.

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