Lack of health facilities

It hurts me to mention that the government has allocated only a small share for health care in the budget. It is neglected just like education and all the good things that lead to development and progress of people. Basic health facilities are not within the reach of poor man; he can’t afford doctor fee and medicine. Government hospitals lack resources as well as proper doctors. Hospitals where doctors are present they are helpless due to absence of proper resources to treat their patients. Those who can’t afford private doctors wait for death to ease their suffering.
Most of the health care facilities in such areas are provided by NGO hospitals and clinics. According to a report Pakistan is ranked lowest in education and health among the nuclear powers. The death rate is higher than usual. The government has clearly no interest in welfare of its people. That’s why they are deprived of basic facilities that the state is required to provide them. Govt should take serious measures to improve health facilities in rural areas as well as in cities.
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