A Label called “Made In India”

I looked at the old farmer in the village, as he stood in front of me with his fourteen children. “Do you know,” I said angrily, “that one out of six people in the world are Indians.” “What can I do sir,” said the farmer, “our wives can conceive only once in every nine months otherwise we could have made it one in every two being an Indian.”
“No, no,” I said, getting even more angry, “you are producing too many children.” “What!” said the farmer. “My brother has double my number, my father has just become a father all over again. Making more children is an art.”
“An art,” I said with astonishment. “Yes,” said the farmer, “how many children do most Americans have?”. “One,” I said. “Aha, aha,” said the farmer in the village, “see, see, all the American technology in the world can’t help him.” “I don’t think that’s the point,” I said.
“It is,” said the farmer, as his youngest baby tried to catch his thumb. “Every country is famous for producing something or other. America produces millions of cars, Japan produces…. What does Japan produce?,” asked the farmer of his eldest son.
“Karate,” said his eldest, giving a flying kick. “Ah karate,” said the farmer. “China produces ping-pong, but does anyone stop them making cars or karate or ping-pong.” “I don’t think you …………,” I said. “No, no, listen to me,” said the farmer vehemently. “Look at my children, do you think that ping-pong or karate is better than them. Do you think that that fancy car you came in looks better than my daughter?”
“No………..” I said, “but……………….” “So,” said the farmer triumphantly, “be proud of your country’s production. Good-bye.”
“Wait,” I shouted running after the farmer, “where are you going.” “To my factory,” said the farmer turning in the direction of his little hut, “it is bad enough that my brother has produced more than me, now you are telling me that the rest of the world is producing more than us. Let me go and give my mite to our nation’s production…………..!”
I watched the farmer enter his hut and know that unless somebody had the courage to do something drastic in the country, this was one production line, which would never o on strike…!

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