Kurd women out for revenge

Mazraat Khaled (Syria)—Headed for the front line near Syria’s Raqa, 23-year-old Kurdish fighter Kaziwar has just one thought on her mind: to make her jihadist foes pay for their treatment of women.
“Our taking part in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) is revenge for the women who were kidnapped in Sinjar (in Iraq) and sold (as sex slaves) in markets,” said the brown-haired woman riding a four-wheel-drive.
The YPJ has been fighting alongside male comrades in an offensive launched last Saturday to recapture the city of Raqa which the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group has made its de facto capital.
Kaziwar, who was clad in trainers and a tracksuit over military fatigues because of the cold, took up arms five years ago and has since fought in several battles against Sunni Muslim extremists.
She lost her “sister-in-arms” in one such confrontation and has since kept Bahareen Jia’s picture attached to the vehicle’s rear-view mirror wherever she goes.
Hundreds of Kurdish women are taking part in a showdown with the jihadists imposing a reign of terror over territories they seized in Syria and neighbouring Iraq, where IS has since 2014 enslaved women of the minority Yazidi community.
According to UN experts, around 3,200 Yazidis are still being held by IS, the majority of them in Syria.—AFP

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