Kulbushan’s death sentence

Maemuna Sadaf
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India is so much anxious about Kulbhshan because he was not an ordinary spy. He has a strong family background. He is relative of Ajeet Doval, who is famous for his strong intelligence operations. Kulbushan’s father served as Mumbai Police Commissioner. He joined National Defence Academy (India) in 1987 and in 1991 he joined Indian Navy and attained the positional of Naval Commander. After attack on Indian Parliament on 13th Dec 2001, Kulbushan decided to join Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). In 2001, he started serving for RAW and Indian Navy at the same time.
At that time, Ajeet Doval was Director of Indian Intelligence Bureau. He was working to support the personnel who were responsible for unrest in different areas of Pakistan. Ajeet Doval gave this responsibility to Kulbushan Yadav. Kulbushan was well trained and able to speak Persian and Balochi fluently. He made a fake passport in the name of Hussain Mubarak Patel and reached Iranian city of Chabahar. In Chabahar, he opened a cargo company and started visiting Karachi and Baluchistan. During his visits to Pakistan, he contacted terrorist wings of political parties and separatist groups of Baluchistan. He distributed a huge amount of 400 million dollars among these groups.
Pakistan’s Intelligence agencies, being one of the world top virtuous agencies, traced that the roots of every incident like terrorist attacks and unrest in Baluchistan are in Chabahar. Most of the master minds of the bomb blasts and suicide attacks were controlled and operated from this city. The intelligence investigation took ISI to Kulbushan Yadav. After tracing him, former Army Chief General Raheel Shareef and DG ISI General Rizwan decided to arrest him. It was not an easy task because Kulbushan was heading the entire activities of RAW in Pakistan. It took one and a half years to capture him. On 3rd Mar 2016, he was arrested in a counter intelligence raid by security agencies. He was arrested in Mashkhel near the border region of Chamman.
During interrogation, he declared his true identity and provided all relevant details about funding and plan to destabilize the country. He also admitted that Naval fighting training was conferred to Baluchistan separatists in an attempt to target Gwadar and Karachi ports. The particular information being provided by him, helped Pakistani security agencies to capture 400 or above terrorists, arms and ammunition, the terrorist wings of different political parties were also identified. An army operation has started against them.

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