KU Canteen

I am a student of Karachi University (KU) and I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the condition of unhygienic canteen in Karachi University. It has been discovered that the food provided in the KU is unhygienic and of below standards. It is quite shocking news for not just students of the University but also for the general public, specifically, of Karachi. Unhealthy food poses serious risk to the health of people. Besides, vendors of cooked food items do not cover them, so they are exposed to pollution causing harm to students’ health-
It was reported that at least 80% of Karachi University’s students and staff members visit the canteen daily for lunch or snacks. And now they are told that the food they have been taking is poisonous and unhygienic as per the researchers. The oil used to make fast food products was also tested and as per an expert the oil was used continuously for frying new samosas and french fries. You might not find it a very shocking thing, but wait. Do you know if same oil is used repeatedly and you consume it on a daily basis it can cause cancer? This is how dangerous the situation is. The authorities concerned must take prompt action against such vendors; those who fail to meet hygiene requirements must then be subjected to fines.

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