KSA’s stabilising role

THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) are jointly organizing a two-day international conference of Muslim scholars at Makkah Mukarramah Jeddah for peace and stability in Afghanistan. The conference is aimed at assisting efforts to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan and condemn terrorism and violent extremism in all their forms and manifestations, within framework of the teachings of Islam.
Saudi Arabia has long been instrumental in efforts aimed at restoration of peace in the war-torn Afghanistan and its reconstruction and development. After withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, the Kingdom brokered negotiations among different Afghan groups that agreed to resolve their differences through talks and work for greater reconciliation. In the present context too, KSA is member of the quadrilateral group consisting of the United States, KSA, Afghanistan and United Arab Emirate. The latest move is also significant in that it would bring together an influential segment of the Ummah i.e. religious scholars, who have the power and influence to shape up things in their respective countries as well as among the Muslims in general. The on-going war against terror has mainly been fought on military front but there have been consistent demands from different quarters that the campaign against terror would succeed on long term only if the war is also fought on ideological fronts. There are some elements that mislead people because of their particular interpretation of teachings of Islam. Saudi Arabia is cradle of Islam and it is understood that it can lead efforts to create necessary awareness among Muslim Ummah about different contemporary issues facing the Islamic world. If Muslim scholars arrive at right conclusion and wage a war against misconceptions then there is no reason that the propaganda campaign against Islam and its believers cannot be countered. Saudi conference is expected to adopt a declaration and hopefully the agreed points would form basis for such a campaign to influence minds of people.

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