KP’s focus on road & transport projects

PTI government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa finally appears to have recognised the significance of major road and transport projects. While we fully support PTI notion that social sector and human development should be the foremost priority of any government yet this is also a fact that a government must strike right kind of balance while focusing on different areas in order to bring improvement in the living standards of the people. In today’s world, metro and rapid bus projects are not a luxury but a necessity for people to reach their destinations safely and swiftly.
Presiding over a meeting the other day, Provincial Chief Minister Pervez Khattak directed authorities to complete Swat motorway project by December this year. Separately, he also gave directions for initiation of work on Peshawar Rapid Bus Project after acquisition of land. We hope that KP government will complete these projects at a fast speed well before the 2018 general election in order to show to people of other provinces the good work they have done in KP. One may disagree with political tactics of PTI in the Centre but we believe its government in KP has done some good work vis-à-vis bringing improvement in the police department as well as healthcare system. When compared with any province, we have no doubt in saying that KP police is far better and other provinces should replicate the same in order to save their people from cruel clutches of old Thanna culture. As KP government is all set to launch Peshawar mass transit project, we believe completion of it will change the entire landscape of provincial capital and provide modern transport facilities to the people, which are available to the residents of Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore. People will vote in the next elections on the basis of performance of parties in their respective provinces, we understand that such mega projects will help PTI score well in the next polls.

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