KP widens teacher’s recruitment pool

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In a high-level meeting chaired by Provincial Education Secretary, Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangesh at The Elementary and Secondary Education Department (ESED), a decision was passed to not limit recruitment of teachers to only those with professional teaching degrees. This decision will particularly result in increasing teaching quality at the primary education level. This will bring in more competitiveness to the recruitment process for teachers. Now that subject matter experts will also be able to compete for teaching position, this policy change is set to result in long-term benefits for the province.
Given the earlier policy of only recruiting teachers with only a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education, many schools remained understaffed, especially in rural districts of KP. Also because of the old recruitment practices there was a tendency to leave out more qualified candidates and thereby adversely affect student enrollment. In a teacher’s assessment report that the education department is privy to, the some teachers are unable to conceptually grasp the material they are tasked to teach young students.
The decision comes at a time when provinces across have the responsibility to drive their own education reforms and given that KP has prioritized this sector, it has opted to implement this student-centric measure. Previously, there was a focus on supply-driven decisions. “Our priority is the children of KP and we are answerable to the future generations,” said Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangesh.
The expectation from this policy shift is that the quality of teachers is going to rise. Moreover, to ensure that each teacher is well-equipped with the right pedagogical skills, both in terms of classroom management and content, the department will have mandatory induction training for them. Potential teachers must complete this induction training before they enter any school system. This training could last about 9 months. For those teachers with a professional teaching degree they can get credit for those teaching modules they are already familiar with.

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