KP rejects Ogra’s biased tariff of natural gas

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has completely rejected the proposal of OGRA to change the tariff without rationale, and asked for justification for various parameters.
In OGRA public hearing regarding revision of Natural Gas Regulated third party access rules, 2012. (CEO) of (KPOGCL) Raziuddin Razi intervened on behalf of KP Government and people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
He stated that the authority (OGRA) always make decisions without prior approval and input should be taken from all stakeholders especially Provincial Government. He intended that current structure of OGRA has no representation of provinces thus flawed decisions.
Moreover; he intended that without consultation of provinces in proposed tariff regime provinces are sidelined which is not fruitions for all. The same situation might yield further serious reservations and inefficient gas use. Similarly, CEO argued that provinces should have proper representation in Working Group Third Party Access Rules draft 2017 and Tariff Regime.
The CEO stated that TPA (Third party Access) and tariff regime proposed while unbundling SNGPL offing CEO intended that proposed tariff regime calculations are ambiguous in totality and provinces need to be involved to make a fruitful summary to CCI.

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