KP leads in rule of law, service delivery; Punjab in administration, social indicators

PILDAT reveals provinces’ scorecard in quality governance

Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Punjab are ahead of Balochistan and Sindh in terms of overall quality governance, reveals a report by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development & Transparency (PILDA). According to the report, KP and Punjab both have secured 68pc score in terms of quality of governance while Sindh comes second with 59pc and Balochistan on the last number i.e. 58.
According to the spokesperson of the PILDAT Abbas Khan Niazi, PILDAT’s Score Cards are based on the change (improvement, deterioration or no-change) in the Quality of Governance between the first (2013-2014) and second (2014-2015) years of the respective governments in office after May 2013 general elections.
According to him, the assessment is based on 25 Governance Assessment Parameters (GAPs), under 5 Pillars of Governance: Rule of Law, Management of Economy, Social Indicators, Service Delivery and Administrative Effectiveness.
“KP leads in Rule of Law, Management of Economy and Service Delivery; while Punjab leads in Administrative Effectiveness and Social Indicators,” said the spokesperson while sharing the findings of the report.
Parameters, garnering a score of more than 50pc are indicative of performance improvement from 2013-2014 to 2014-2015, he said giving some details like Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Punjab government’s performance improved in all 25 parameters assessed.
The Government of Balochistan’s performance, however, improved in 20 parameters, deteriorated in 4, and remained stagnant in 1 parameter.
The Sindh government’s performance improved in 20 parameters, deteriorated in 4 and remained stagnant in 1 parameter. The highest and lowest scored Governance Assessment Parameters for each province in the second year of the Governments (2014-2015) are as follows: KP scored the highest in environmental sustainability (82.3pc) and the lowest in Gender Gap (51pc) while the Punjab scored the highest in Poverty Alleviation (80.4pc) and the lowest in Gender Gap (52.9pc). Balochistan garnered the highest score for Devolution of Powers to Local Governments (77.7pc) and the lowest in public transport (41.3pc), the report further says. On Sindh the report reveals that the province scored the highest in public transport (78.3pc ) and the lowest in gender gap (38.6pc).

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