KP foms rangeland policy for natural resources conservation


The Khyber Pakthunkhwa Government has formulated first Rangeland Policy to conserve and develop rangeland natural resource in the province in a very scientific manner.
Ashar Farooq, Range Management Officer Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI) Peshawar told APP on Wednesday that a comprehensive first rangeland policy has been formulated by the Forestry, Environment and Wildlife Department KP to conserve and develop this important natural resource in the province in scientific manner.
He said there was no Rangeland Policy to conserve and develop this vast natural resource at national level and after 18th Constitutional amendment, a special task was assigned to PFI Peshawar to formulate the first Provincial Rangeland Policy for the province, adding this task was achieved in 2014.
Farooq said high priority has been given to conserve and develop natural resources at its best level and underlined the need to impart more emphasis on scientific management of rangelands at national as well as provincial level to achieve a level of sustainability and maintaining ecological balance.
Rangeland is a land type having indigenous vegetation with grazing or browsing value and situated in those areas of the world, which are not suitable for cultivation due to some physical limitations such as low and erratic precipitation, rough topography (configuration of land), poor drainage (wetlands) and extreme temperatures.
Rangelands are commonly known as “grazinglands and that all grazinglands are not categorized as rangelands. Grazinglands having natural vegetation only and managed as a natural ecosystem fall in the category of rangelands.
“The total land area of Pakistan is 87.98 million hectares and about 60% of this is rangelands. Five different types of range ecological zones (Alpine, Sub-alpine and temperate; Sub-tropical humid, Sub-tropical sub-humid, Tropical arid and semi-arid desert plains, and Mediterranean) have been described in our country,” he explained.—APP

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