KP CM for revisiting proposals to empower women

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Caretaker Chief Minister Dost Muhammad Khan Thursday asked the Commission on Status of Women to revisit the draft proposals related to women empowerment and their health and education related problems. He asked the Commission to redraft its recommendations in emerging landscape of the province after merger of seven districts of the erstwhile FATA into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Presiding over a meeting of the provincial caretaker cabinet at Civil Secretariat here, the caretaker cabinet extensively debated and the caretaker chief minister directed to incorporate the prerequisites required for the real empowerment of women in the society. He suggested creating an endowment fund in order to meet out the expenditure of the district committees on the status of women. It is important to give women financial and economic empowerment bringing them out of the fear to surrender their due rights in the society, he noted. There should be a complete package to be extended to the backward districts and the newly merged districts as well, he added.
The Chief Minister said the draft proposal should be approved that included the formation of the committees, its budgetary proposals and its approval. The Caretaker Chief Minister with the collective consent of the caretaker cabinet decided to return the draft to the Commission for revisiting and making readjustments. The department concerned was directed that the new recommendations should be supported by cogent and convincing reasons. The professionally sound woman should be encouraged into the committees for properly safeguarding the women rights and improving the status of women in all sectors.
The caretaker cabinet in its landmark decisions laid down a transparent criteria and procedure for depoliticizing the whole recruiting and appointing process of all the boards of intermediate and secondary education in the province. The cabinet after approval will send an ordinance for promulgation by the Governor giving it legal cover, the cabinet decided. The caretaker Chief Minister suggested that a three member committee comprising educationists, bureaucrats and office bearers of the board would be part of the tribunal for redressal of complaints and would decide each case within 21 days. The tribunal will be headed by a Judge of Ist class. This will discourage unionism in the all boards of the province, he added.
The cabinet also agreed to strengthen safety and security in Darul Amaan and Women Crises Centres. It constituted a committee to be headed by Secretary Establishment and other members included Secretary Law, Secretary Social Welfare, Secretary Local Government. The committee would identify the weaknesses in the system and firm up recommendations to have a strict, supervisory and administrative control.

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