KP 1st lady cab-driver killed by husband

Tariq Saeed


While the nation was celebrating 1st of May to pledge rights to the labourers and ensure their uplift, in a gruesome incident the cruel husband shot dead the first female taxi driver of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
The revelation to this tragedy was made by the Peshawar Police which said the first woman driver of a ride-hailing service in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Nabila Amber was killed by her husband Abdul Basit.
According to police, Abdul Basit tried to give twist to the murder as a burglary attempt, but he was taken into custody and he later confessed to killing his wife.
The police said that Nabila Amber was married to her second husband Basit
five months ago and added that Amber’s car and five mobile phones were also missing after she was killed.
However, as result of thorough interrogation by the Police, Nabila’s husband confessed to killing her while the police also recovered the weapon from his possession.
The police added that Abdul Basit has another wife and had given a house as Haq-e-Mehr to Amber, but he wanted it back. Basit claimed that Amber used to threaten him of telling his first wife about the marriage, the police said.
The civil society has strongly condemned the incident calling for the exemplary punishment to the killer.

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