Knowledge-ways, now!

Muhammad Azam Minhas

Apart from building Motor-ways, PM Nawaz Sharif has now launched PM Education Reform Initiative, which aims at renovation of each and every facility in schools. May Allah help him! Mariam Nawaz, a PML-N leader and illustrious daughter of the PM, is playing a pivotal role in implementing the initiative of the PM, knowing the importance of ‘Iqra’. Twenty-crore-plus-Pakistanis sincerely wish that this project of national importance is successfully implemented.
This scribe is compelled to write with due apology that education is not a priority of Muslim Ummah that’s why the KSA has to import cloth for Ghalaf-e-Kaaba every year at a heavy cost. Though, our Governments in the past released sufficient funds for construction of Open Air Theatre, Sport Complex, Cricket Stadiums/grounds, Kite flying sites and the likes, yet not for educational. Why? Because, their children are studying in overseas schools with the provision of funds provided by taxpayers of the State. Enough is enough; let us start construction of Knowledge-ways alongside Motorways, please!

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