KMC holds fake anti-encroachment drive for face-saving


The Anti Encroachment Department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has conducted a fake anti –encroachment drive in the area of Cattle Colony for face-saving and removed a few minor encroachments but did not touch its benefactors.
Talking to this scribe, Kashu Khan – an aged man who had encroached some space at Road No.4 of Bhains Colony by establishing a hummock for loading and offloading the buffalos – said the KMC had removed his “Dhakka” (hummock called in local language) in the wake of anti-encroachment drive “but alas, it did not touch the weighbridge namely Dastgir Kanta illegally constructed on the government road just before his hummock.”
He accused the KMC for receiving bribe from Rasham Khan, owner of weighbridge and said his “Dhakka” was razed because he did not pay any kickback to the officers concerned.
He said he was an old and poor man whose livelihood was depended on it. The small chunk of money he earns from it on daily basis, he spends on his family and medical treatment.
He said, “I do accept that my hummock is illegal but what about the weighbridge and six shops of Abdul Rasheed illegally built on KMC property by dismantling the drainage system?”
He said there was a dual standard of the KMC officers in dealing with a poor and resourceless person as compared to their benefactors who gave them commission on monthly basis.
He said he had just established a hummock by encroaching a little space but both of the above mentioned persons had destroyed the drainage system for their business purposes and encroached almost half of the road.
“But there is no one to say a single word to them because they are their benefactors and resourceful as Abdul Rasheed himself is the vice president and his relative Haji Akhtar is the president of a local dairy forms committee and Rasham Khan’s close associate Syed Raheem Shah is the chairman of the union council,” he opined. He urged the KMC’s higher authority to take action against all the encroachers without any discrimination and its own officers who were protecting them for their vested interests.—APP

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