Kite string takes another life

Saadia Aslam

A boy was killed when kite string cut his throat at Committee Chowk on Friday. He was later shifted to District Headquarters Hospital where doctors declared him dead. Punjab Government had imposed a strict ban on kite flying in the province but it is being ignored in Rawalpindi as sky was filled with kites on Friday. Question is if Punjab Government has banned kite flying why it is not taken seriously and why it is not being implemented? Is Government waiting for more innocents to get killed? Or are they waiting for some VIP to get killed so that they can take any action? It is obvious that just because it is middle or lower class people getting killed and not some politician or their son, that this issue is so conveniently ignored. Why government is acting so careless when they know that it could cause many deaths as previous records show. Concerned authorities of every province must ban kite flying and make sure that it is being implemented in letter and in spirit and not taken as a joke.
— Karachi

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