Kite flying is a popular festival in India. On the day of Makar Sankaranti (January 14), the kite flying festival is celebrated in India with immense joy and fun. A kite is made of light bamboo sticks and thin papers. A thread is passed at two points near the ends and then a knot is tied. For flying a kite, a good wind is necessary. A boy takes the kite to a distance and throws it up in the air. The kite-flier pulls the string and the kite rises up. As the kite-flier lets out more and more string, the kite rises higher and higher till at last it becomes steady.
Kite-flying is a favourite amusement in Japan, China and India. In Amritsar and other big cities of India, kite-flying games are played especially at Basant. Everywhere kite-flying contests are held. Every kite-flier tries to cut the strings of the kites of others with the string of his own kite. When a kite that is cut falls down, all the people watching run to catch it. Kite-flying gives exercise to the limbs and sharpens the eyesight. But the game has its dangers as well. Every year many boys fall down from the terraces of their buildings and lose their lives.
Mumbai, India

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