Kite flying ban violators netted


Rawalpindi—Police in its crackdown against kite sellers and kite flying ban violators have netted 18 and recovered 2550 kites and 79 kite flying string rolls from the possession of the accused. According to Rawalpindi Police spokesman, Pirwadhai police arrested Sabir Hussain for having 100 kites.
Waris Khan police recovered 300 kites and 13 kite flying string rolls from the possession of Haq Nawaz. Banni police seized 1287 kites and string rolls and booked Adnan Saleem, Shehzad Akram and Zeeshan, kite sellers. Sadiqabad police also recovered 1100 kites and 43 string rolls from Amanullah and Nadeem Masih.
Similarly, Westridge police in its crackdown against the ban violators netted Imran Khan for possessing 300 kites and string rolls.
Naseerabad police booked Faisal Ali with 50 kites. R.A.Bazar police also conducted raids and sent behind the bars Muhammad Sheraz and Latif Iqbal on recovery of 70 kites. Airport police held Zulfiqar for carrying 28 kites. Morgah police nabbed Usman Zulfiqar and recovered 174 kites.—APP

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