King Salman’s China visit to help hike global peace: KPI


Secretary General Kashmir Peace Institute [KPI] Syed Hameed shaheen Alvi has heartily hailed King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud’s recent visit to People’s Republic of China, the first ever made by any Saudi monarch in 1400 years of Islamic history, terming it a confident forward march in unison to achieve global peace, prosperity and solution to a variety of issues that presently plaged the Mideast.
Responding to questions from a students of jounralism on Friday he said that China’s role worldwide shall be helpful in maintaining strategic global balance. Both China and USA can turn the whole world into a paradise of peace. Both have the necessary wherewithal. They should take into their unity fold the member states global community, he urged.
He reminded that Prophet of Islam Mohammad,PBUH, had advised Muslims 1400 years ago to proceed to China [Seen] if they have had to gather knowledge. Confucian creed is very popular among living philosophers.
China, he said, is the world power wanting to see peace and security fully prevailed all over the globe from Latin American to South Asia. Yes, China adheres to her studied police on Kashmir dispute, he informed the newsmen in reply to their questions.—Agencies

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