Killing of a young lawyer

The right to life is indeed the ‘supreme’ right from which no derogation is permitted even in time of public emergency. It is the basic of all human rights. It means that if a person exists, then he or she can exercise all other rights but we live in such a society where there are nobody’s rights but of the chosen few. Everyday gruesome killing of innocent and innocuous people in different parts of the country as reported by the media – both electronic and print – reflects that human life has no value in this mafia–manned and managed society.
Murder is always a devastating event, such as this most shocking murder of an abducted young lawyer namely Niaz Hussain from Larkana. It is reported that the abducted lawyer, who was then slaughtered by the “enemies of humanity”, has not seen many springs of his life and professional growth. The slain young lawyer belonged to family with a humble background and was a struggling soul whose family could not pay the desired hefty ransom amount to the wicked kidnappers and was ruthlessly butchered and his disfugured dead body was stuffed in gunny bag but who cares in this land where life and human rights are neither respected nor protected because our rulers are busy to advance their personal agenda.

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