Killing of Kashmiri youth means slashing UN plebiscite votes

Staff Reporter


Secretary General of Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen has explained that the population of Jammu and Kashmir, a dispute on UN agenda, is the voting strength of the United Nations for plebiscite. Therefore if one youth is killed, one UN voter is killed, a heinous crime being committed in India occupied Kashmir today.
Talking to a group of history students the Secretary General said that it was the global responsibility of the enire community of UN member states to help stop Kashmiris killings in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
He told the group that UN had sought peaceful way of settling the Kashmir dispute when it passed/approved several resolutions for holding of fair, free international plebiscite under the supervision of the United Nations in Kashmir. Kashmiris have full faith in the UN mandate over Kashmir and want that mandate implemented soon.
He advised the students to read Joseph Korbel’s masterpiece book on Kashmir – Danger in Kashmir. Korbel was UN representative in Kashmir. He was father of one time US Foreign Secretary Ms Madelleine Albright.

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