Killing: A threat to freedom

Arshia Rasheed

It is sad to see the law and order situation of Pakistan today as crimes are increasing at a very high rate and on a large scale. Nowadays, target killing in Karachi, which is the heart of Pakistan for generating revenues, is very common and is increasing day by day. It is sad that people who are being killed in target killing are mostly innocent people.
The police has failed to control these killings. Karachi is the city generating revenues for the whole country as it is the premiere centre for banking, industry and trade. These target killings have hit the financial capital badly and working as the speed breaker for the nation’s development programmes. Few days back in target killing a legend qawwal Amjad Sabri was shot dead on a busy road; he wasn’t involved in any corruption or anything, which could go against him for punishment as death.
If a legend is not safe then how can a normal common man be safe in Karachi? The citizens of Karachi want nothing but peace. The higher authorities of police in Karachi should know that the target killers cant decide who to kill and who not to kill and must take strong steps to eradicate this sick mind set, once and for all.
— Karachi

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