Kids enrolment awareness drive

Sawan Khaskheli

Mithi—A massive rally was organized by the Alif Ailaan in city on Saturday to create awareness among the parents to enroll their kids in the schools. Partab Shivani, the representative of Alif Ailaan told the participants of the enrollment awareness campaign rally that education standard was fast declining Thar adding he revealed that literacy among the women was just 6 percent, which he claimed was the lowest in the country.
He revealed that the nearly 92 percent school buildings in the desert region were facing the shortage of the staff and other facilities. Shivani deplored that despite such an alarming situation concerned government functionaries were sitting cross-legged and doing nothing to stem the rot. He said over 0.2 million children were out of the school while rests were not getting proper education in their schools.
Assistant Commissioner Diplo, Peeral Chandio said that there was the need of the hour to create the awareness among Tharis to send their kids to schools. Chandio noted that he hopeful about the bright future of Thari people, adding he called upon the notables of the area to come forward to help government officials pinpoint the closed schools so that government functionaries could take corrective measures.

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