Kidney diseases can be treated if diagnosed on time: Dr. Jay Pal Parani


More than 300 million people worldwide or about one adult in 10 have some form of kidney damages while millions of people die prematurely of heart attacks and strokes linked to chronic kidney disease every year. The incidence of the “Diabetes Mellitus” is rising all over the world.
This was stated by Assisstant Professor Dr. Jay Pal Parani of Urology department of Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS), Jamshoro while talking to APP here on Friday. Dr. Parani informed that chronic kidney disease, a common medical problem was estimated to affect significant number of population of Pakistan, where one in every three in the age group of 40 plus citizens was inflicted with one or the other form of kidney disease.
Dr. Jay Pal Parani in formed about function of kidney that the, Kidney perform various functions which are detrimental to your health. He said that kidneys act as a filter when they remove waste and water from the blood in patient’s body. Kidneys are also tasked with the function to balance chemicals in human body as well as release hormones. They produce red blood cells and also keep your blood pressure in check most of the time. Inflicted with one or the other kidney disease,added.
Dr. Jay Pal Parani said that  available studies identify diabetes and high blood pressure as the two commonest causes of chronic kidney disease.
He called for widespread screening of those sections of society that are at risk of kidney disease, emphasizing that it is essential to create awareness among physicians as well as the public. He said studies have shown that early detection and treatment can delay and possibly prevent kidney failure in most patients.
Dr Jay Pal Parani advised treating and preventing urinary infection, increasing fluid intake, decreasing protein intake and eating in moderation.
He also referred to varied treatments available for the problem and specially mentioned of endoscopey which is used to treat stones in the urethra and urinary bladder. He said that delay in diagnosis always proved fatal in the case of kidney diseases. He further said that there are two types of the kidney disease acute and chronic. He said that acute diseases appear suddenly but are generally short lived and reversible if treated promptly. He further said that chronic kidney disease (CKD), is silent and may unnoticed for a long time as it takes a while for symptoms to appear.
Early warning signs of kidney disease in children, which include high blood pressure, pain in back, puffy eyes, swollen hands and feet and passage of blood through urine, Dr. Jay Pal Paryani said. He said that blood pressure and sugar was some of the main reasons of kidney diseases, which could be avoided if people took it seriously and ensured their timely medical checkup. Dr. Jay Pal Parani highlighted the existing and rapidly rising burden of chronic kidney disease in Pakistan, and emphasized the need for aggressive screening for the presence of kidney disease by simple blood and urine test of men and women with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, aged 50 years or over, as well as those with family history of kidney disease. He also stressed the importance of early investigation, on any suspicion of kidney disease or infection.
Dr. Jay Pal Parani said that creating awareness about diseases among the people was essential so that they should get medical checkup on regular basis. He said the timely diagnoses and early treatment can help in controlling diseases, added. Dr.Parani elaborated that the people should control blood pressure and sugar for protecting themselves from kidney diseases. Moreover, treatment from quacks and unqualified Hakeems is causing kidney diseases. He also stressed the need for diagnosis, regular medical check-up by qualified physicians, intake of fluids and avoiding unnecessary antibiotics.

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