Kidnapped and smuggled

It is shocking to ponder over the horrors, pain and mental agony that the little girls who are kidnapped and sold into forced prostitution, have to undergo. It is heart-rending that their innocence is ruined and they are perpetually deprived of a proprietarius  and dignified life. Miserably, the doors of dreams and achievements are permanently closed on them and they are made to live forever a debased and degraded life akin to beasts, only to quench the lust of a few sub-humans. It is disturbing to learn that only a few sporadic and unorganised attempts are being made by a few individuals against this gross injustice. Nor our state apparatus appears to have zero-tolerance on this count. In fact, it is reprehensible to know that this heinous practice has official backing. Keeping this in view, it is beyond doubt that nothing short of a unified, forceful and concrete effort is needed to uproot this social malaise.
State must step forward to show that it cares for the life and dignity of its citizens, especially children who are the future of this country. Those who are engaged in the deplorable business of kidnapping, trafficking and smuggling innocent girls must be handed down exemplary punishment. Legislative changes should, if required, be made to ensure that no one who commits crime against our children might go scot-free, regardless of his position. Moreover, what is immediately required is to sensitize the people in this regard.
Digri, district Mirpurkhas

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