Khosa imbroglio

Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa and his grandson have joined the PTI. After Balakhsher Mazari, Khosa is the oldest politician to join the PTI. In fact, Khosa had become a non-entity after he and son Dost Khosa ridiculed their old party PML-N leadership in the media. Despite that, the party nominated him for senatorship. Any way, Khosa joined the PTI with much aplomb but he was dismayed when his new party refused to accept his son Dost Khosa in its fold.
Dost is allegedly involved in the murder of one of his wives, Sapna. Zulfiqar Khosa’s excitement of joining PTI was short-lived. He lambasted PTI spokesman Fawad Cahudhry for announcing that Dost Khosa had been denied entry into the party because of his shady past. Ambarrassed, will senior Khosa stick to PTI or quit in impotent anger? Perhaps he will stay in the party; he has no other option. His problem is that he overestimates his political standing when he’s only a spent force. The octogenarian politician should call it quits.

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