Khawaja Asif restoration

The SC has removed lifetime ban on Khawaja Asif from holding elected public office and allowed him to contest general election. Whatever the technical and legal basis for this decision, people like me would like to know whether these constitutional public offices such as PM, Ministers, paid civil or uniformed offices, ambassadorial assignments etc are part time jobs? Are these important jobs, whose holders have access to sensitive information on issues of national security and economic policies of this country, require dedicated total commitment without being hostage to any conflicts of interest? If the law allows these public office holders to do part time jobs in other countries or within the country, with or without remuneration, then the question arises can these jobs be outsourced to save administrative cost on maintaining President House, PM House etc.
I would beg to differ with SC of Pakistan’s decision which can be interpreted that constitutional public offices are part time jobs. So tomorrow if any public office holder in Pakistan is on payroll of any other country, which include regimes hostile to this country and who give sanctuary to those involved in anti-Pakistan activities, then how can law prevent them in light of SC judgment.
Pakistan was created by Quaid-i-Azam for self rule, as modern democratic welfare state, where people would choose their elected representatives to form a government, which works within confines of constitution. Millions of people died for this. If British Raj is to be replaced by men who consider this country, just like colonial rulers, suitable only to be ruled, but not safe enough for their children or assets to be located then Jinnah’s Pakistan no longer exists.

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