Khattak’s renewed focus on development

CHIEF Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Tuesday approved blueprint of annual development plan envisaging new schemes for diverse sectors including education, health, agriculture, etc. Presiding over a consultative meeting on the development plan, the Provincial Chief Minister directed all the concerned departments that the new schemes should be visible on the ground rather than to the papers only.
Undoubtedly, the political parties have entered into the election mode and every now and then we are seeing the leadership of these parties holding rallies and meetings in different cities. As the political leaders are also fully aware of the fact that the people will poll votes on the basis of performance, therefore, the provinces which are being governed by different parties have geared up efforts for launching development schemes in order to woo the voters in their favour. Undoubtedly, the KP government has done some unprecedented work by introducing reforms in the education and health sectors as well as depoliticising the police department- something which we see still missing in other provinces. Before recently visiting China to attend One Belt One Road forum along with the PM, Pervez Khattak also held a road-show in Beijing in April which is expected to bring investment of billions of dollars to different sectors in the province. Indeed all these are positive initiatives but to prove true the much trumpeted slogan and vision of ‘Change’ of his party PTI, Pervez Khattak will have to put in much more effort to complete the development schemes well in time. Already Peshawar’s mass transit system has witnessed much delay. It is time to start and complete the project well before the elections. Completing this mega project which will really change the face of provincial capital would be not be less than a race against time but the people have seen such projects completed in Punjab in record times. We understand the provincial government will have to show commitment to get it completed at the earliest to stand a better chance in the next polls.

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