Khattak wants collective role for long-lasting peace

Tariq Saeed


Acknowledging that the people of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa as well as the police and armed forces have rendered tremendous sacrifices for ensuring durable peace in the region, the chief minister Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said all the stake holders have to work hard for the maintenance of long lasting peace so that their sacrifices should not go waste.
Addressing the passing out of the new recruits in police training school Mingora Swat on Saturday, the Chief Minister, however, warned that the failure of institutions to respond to giving justice to the people could back fire. He said the people needed to be given justice, their rights protected and their sufferings mitigated otherwise they would have no trust in the institutions and might opt for a wrong option.
He said there were certain steps that his government took including empowering the police institutions, stopping political interference in police and putting different safeguards for the accountability of police that led the police to emerge as one of the efficient forces. His government wanted police to continue to demonstrate the same performance so that no one could raise an accusing finger at its performance in future, he added.
The Chief Minister said it was pleasant to see the police force making a shift in its working from traditional approach to an innovative working for giving relief to the people. Now the working of police is professional and dynamic by all standards. The police was especially working on the factors creating social ills in the society that is appreciable, he added.
It was the mission of PTI to sensitize institutions to their original goals adding that there was a difference between crime promoting and crime fighting. His government sensitized police to crime fighting and his government showed its capacity depoliticizing police and making it free from the influence of politician and elite. Police should be responsive to the people that his government made and now the process should never be discontinued, he added.

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