Khattak holds politicians responsible for spread of corruption




Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has vowed to go to any extent against corruption to weed out the evil from the province as there was no room for tolerating people involved in corrupt practices. This he said while addressing a ceremony titled ‘United Against Corruption For A Better Pakistan’ arranged under the auspices of Anti Corruption Establishment (ACE) KP here Friday.
The Chief Minister while addressing the participants said that corruption was the leading cause of the deterioration of the society. He said that politicians were responsible for corruption as they had damaged public institutions through political interference and its miss utilization for their wasted interest. He said that corrupt politicians had been using education, health, Police and Patwar system for their ulterior motives in the past.
Referring to the progress of the developed world, the Chief Minister said that transformation of public institutions, transparency, supremacy of merit and provision of social services were the basic causes of their development and prosperity. The CM said that Islam was emphasizing on the reward on the Day of Judgment but deplored that corrupt people were ignoring the golden principles of Islam and were indulging themselves in misuse of resources.
Despite claiming ourselves to be Muslim, we have anti corruption institutions which is astonishing, he maintained.
The Chief Minister said that people had been tired of the prevailing corrupt system and that is why they voted PTI to bring a change in the system. He said that the present government would lay no stone un-turned in strengthening institutions, bringing transparency and ensuring merit.
He stressed the need of restraining from the use of unlawful resources, avoiding material lust and living a life within the lawful resources. He lamented that the present government had been criticized for its reform initiatives, while reforms was the only way to change the existing corrupt system.
Deploring over decay of moral values, he said that corruption was considered as a social stigma in the past while in the present time it was being labeled as a status symbol.

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