Khan and his Naya KP

Raza Ullah

Before the election, Imran Khan vowed to make KP a model Province of Pakistan. IK had made many promises with KP people, such as reforming Police system, Education and so many. All the problems are still there, which IK vowed to address before the election. Firstly, except some stray exceptions, the KP police is not free from corruption. In our village many people are busy in drug trade and other illegal activities but SHO has not initiated any action against these death merchants. Police takes law in its own hand while there is no one to ask about it. Recently in our village some people started aerial firing. After some time SHO Haider Ali shah came to the scene and arrest the District Nazim without investigation.
There are hundreds of examples, which occur in this area. Are these the police reforms, which IK was talking about? Is this fair to arrest someone without investigation? Secondly, the education sector is still deprived of the basic infrastructure, such as classrooms, teachers and other basic necessities. Teachers are absent whole day. Education is one of basic necessities of every citizen and the government is responsible to provide it. There is no one to ask about it? Thirdly, water is one of the basic necessities of the people and it’s duty of the government to provide it. In rural areas all tube well are dysfunctional due to the failing operators or some other major reasons.
Our village tube well is dysfunctional since before Ramazan. I personally called four times to CM’s complaint cell but no one was there to respond. If CM’s complaints cell also fails to lessen problems of common people then what will happen about other departments. I request IK to solve these basic problems of the KP people if PTI wants to survive in KP and win the next elections.
— Via email

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