Khadim-i-Punjab’s another landmark initiative

THOUGH belated one, the Punjab government has initiated yet another important project that is directly related with improving health and living standards of people. Khadim-e-Punjab’s clean drinking water scheme is significant one in the way that it targets the rural and peri urban areas, which are often neglected in provision of basic amenities of life.
CM Shahbaz Sharif rightly deserves appreciation for launching multidimensional projects in different sectors ranging from transport to education to bring improvements in the lives of the common man. It is expected that the latest scheme, which aims to provide clean water to fifty million people in twenty thousand villages will also be implemented with speed and in a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable manner as has been the hallmark of Shahbaz Sharif. In fact it is the public right and responsibility of the government to ensure provision of clean water to the people as contaminated water does not only result in stomach ailments like diarrhoea etc but also causes hepatitis A and B and many skin diseases. A scheme of clean drinking water was launched in the era of Parvez Musharraf but then no effort was made to sustain it as filtration plants installed under the scheme even it the Federal Capital are hardly repaired or changed for years. The result is that even today millions of people in the country have no access to clean drinking water. Pakistan Council of Research in its recent water resources survey found that seventy nine percent sources of water supply are unsafe for drinking in Punjab. Mostly those living in the villages collect water from unsafe sources including from the ponds where their animals also drink the same water. In this backdrop, Punjab government deserves credit for recognizing the problem and starting a scheme aimed at ensuring better life for the villagers. We hope that not only this scheme will be carried forward in a sustained manner but attention will also be paid to repair or replace the rusty filtration plants in urban centres.

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