Kh Asif’s plain message to India

AS India continues to try to bully Pakistan by hurling threats of so-called surgical strikes, Defence Minister Khawja Muhammad Asif put across a firm message that neighbouring country would face severe consequences in case of any misadventure. Speaking in Senate on Monday, he regretted that India doesn’t want to reduce tension and instead is raising the ante by provocative statements.
India’s aggressive designs against Pakistan are not only reflected in provocative statements of the new Army Chief of that country, who frequently talks of surgical strikes and cold start doctrine, but also evident from the fact that New Delhi carried out 330 ceasefire violations including 290 on Line of Control and 40 on Working Boundary till December 2016 in which 45 civilians were martyred and 138 injured. Indian machinations to raise the temperature are understandable as it is a convenient way of running away from talks for resolution of core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. India has miserably failed to suppress the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people and is labelling it as terrorism in a bid to deprive it of global legitimacy. However, thanks to active diplomacy by Pakistan, there is now greater realisation among members of international community about indigenous nature of the trouble and need for peaceful resolution of the conflict between two nuclear armed states. In a recent speech at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, US Vice President Joe Biden warned that South Asia is among few regions in the world where nuclear weapons could be used in a conflict. Pakistan also has cautioned against the dangers of a nuclear conflict in South Asia and wants international community, particularly the United States, to help resolve its tension with India. Pakistan has always welcomed international mediation on Kashmir but India has all along spurned such offers, which speaks volumes about its real intentions i.e. to continue with its illegal occupation of Kashmir. India can never brow-beat Pakistan or crush the freedom struggle of Kashmiris through use of force and therefore, instead of hurling threats it should come to negotiating table to sort out the dispute peacefully.

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