Keep Zainab alive!

We are grieved over the rape and brutal murder of a seven year old girl of Kasur. The entire country was enraged and shocked. The people of the Bulley Shah’s city are protesting and demanding for justice. Add salt to the insult the police opened fire on the protestors and killed two people. The parents of the child have gone to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah. The girl was missing after she went to learn Quran. It is pathetic that none of the public representative visited the residence to offer condolences.
Our children are not safe. The protectors have become brutes. An incident like this can trigger countrywide protest, looting and burning. This is not the first of this kind of incidents. Already 11 other minor girls have been raped and murdered this year in Kasur alone. Zainab we are ashamed that we could not protect you. Your blood will be avenged. This incident has jolted the entire nation. We ask for Almighty Allah ‘s mercy upon us. The sexual abuse of minor children is not acceptable. The culprits should be hanged by neck from the tree setting an example for others.

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