Keep nuclear deterrence in any case

ADDRESSING a seminar on nuclear non-proliferation in Islamabad on Tuesday, Advisor on Foreign Affairs touched upon key security issues that agitate minds of people these days in the wake of growing but undue pressure by the United States. In the wake of moves to block sale of F-16s to Pakistan, he emphatically stated that the country would get its defence needs fulfilled from other countries. About nuclear non-proliferation, he added that the country was committed to the objective but would keep its nuclear deterrence intact in view of ground realities in the region.
The assurance on maintaining the nuclear deterrence is also appreciable as there have been consistent reports of Washington resorting to arms twisting of Pakistan in its bid to force the country either to roll back its nuclear programme or accept curbs on it. While the United States and other members of the so-called Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) are in a mad race to enter into any kind of nuclear cooperation with India, they are reluctant to treat Pakistan at par which speaks volumes about their collusion in disturbing strategic balance in the region and in a way undermining Pakistan’s security interests. That is why the Advisor pinpointed that if the international community did not check India’s growing military power then Pakistan would be forced to increase its strategic power too. This viewpoint has backing of the entire nation and we are sure the Government would stick to the principled position irrespective of machinations of some world powers. It is quite pertinent to note that Pakistan was not the first to introduce nuclear weapons in South Asia and it was forced to follow the nuclear path following Pokhran test by India in 1974. As India’s designs against Pakistan are not secret, every successive government in Pakistan contributed its share in making defence of the country invincible by way of developing an effective nuclear deterrence. It is a hard earned programme and no government can afford to compromise it in any way especially in view of ‘Greater India’ ambitions of New Delhi.

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