Keep national flag flying high

The nation is celebrating another Independence Day in a few days from now and making brisk preparations quite enthusiastically for the great occasion. The national flag, in all sizes, is fluttering high on buildings, vehicles. In fact, these preparations commence in right earnest with the start of August which is termed as the Month of Independence. And this time, we are celebrating 70th year of our independence despite all the ups and downs, internal and external challenges thanks to continued blessings of Almighty Allah.
With the Independence Day celebrations around the corner, here are a few words of advice for the people at large with respect to the flying of the national flag high and still higher. All please including the print and electronic media people should remember that the national flag is neither sold nor bought. At best, it is made and acquired. Just imagine how can the national flag, symbol of our freedom and independence, can be sold and purchased? As a matter of fact, this is an earnest appeal to the print and electronic media people to not only themselves observe this but also educate the people at large as well through media.
The national flag flying around is all shades of green colour while the proper colour of the national flag is dark green. Furthermore, nothing is to be written and printed on the national flag like Jashan-e-Azadi Mubarik etc or for that even the photo of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal or others is to be given on the national flag in any manner. Preferably the national flag should be of any cloth and paper flag be avoided to the maximum extent as the paper made flags fall on the ground due to rains or speedy winds and the people do not bother to pick these up.
This is not proper and not expected of the people celebrating the Independence Day in a befitting manner. We must learn and show due respect to the national flag. It should also be ensured that the national flag colour do not fade or is not tore down in any manner. So, keep the national flag high and still higher with due respect, enthusiasm as a free and independent nation which has and is paying heavy price against extremism and militancy for upholding the freedom and independence, please.

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