KE to provide maximum relief to customers in Ramazan

Special Correspondent

K-Electric is committed to providing maximum relief to its customers during the holy month of Ramadan.
According to KE Spokesperson, “All possible efforts will be made to exempt residential customers from load-shed during Sehr and Iftar. Moreover, our teams continue to be available 24 hours and will remain particularly vigilant during Sehr and Iftar to resolve local faults.”
Residential customers will be given priority during Sehr and Iftar whereas industrial areas will experience load-shed of up to 6 hours during the night to ensure that maximum relief is provided to residential customers during Ramadan.
Currently, KE is experiencing a power shortfall due to which previously exempted residential areas are facing load-management of up to 2 hours (reduced from 3 hours), whereas routine load-shed will be carried out in rest of the areas, as per their respective losses category. The maximum duration of load-shed being carried out in Karachi is up to 7.5 hours whereas no unscheduled load-shed is carried out in the city. KE categorically denies reports of excessive load shed and requests that localized outages due to fault, theft and Kunda-related issues should not be portrayed as load shed.
K-Electric is making all possible efforts to restore its affected unit of Bin Qasim Power Station. To speed up the restoration, the rotor, weighing over 41 tonnes, was airlifted via the cargo aircraft Antonov and transferred to KE’s Bin Qasim facility on an emergency basis yesterday. Installation and re-energization of the affected unit are expected to be completed around May 20th which will lead to an improvement in the city’s power situation.

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