KE with NED University to launch course on health & safety

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K-Electric has partnered with NED University to launch a two-credit hour undergraduate course on Occupational Safety and Health. The course will commence from the 15th January 2018, aims to equip electrical engineering students with practical industrial exposure to occupational hazards and drive a safety mindset into prospective engineers.
The course consisting of lectures, movie clips, case studies, group discussions and assignments has been compiled by subject matter experts at K-Electric who will also be teaching this course. Study tours of generation plants, grid stations, and transmission departments are part of the curriculum so students can get a better understanding of the industry and practical knowledge.
Upon completion of the course, the students will be able to interpret HSE regulations in Pakistan and understand important international occupational health, safety and environmental standards and best practices. Graduates will be able to identify hazards, carry out risk mitigation, conduct safety audits and assist teams in investigating incidents.
The students will also be well versed in basic firefighting techniques. As per KE spokesperson, “K-Electric has further cemented its strong ties with NED University through the introduction of this course. AT KE, we believe that there should be no compromise on safety.
By introducing this to the undergraduate students we aim to create awareness on the importance of Occupational Safety and Health in these future engineers. The course is also designed to assist young engineers to gain a better understanding of the practical application of academic knowledge. KE has also been arranging technical visits to power plants for students more than 8,000 students have visited our facilities through these technical tools since 2010.”
The initiative further strengthens the long-standing commitment by K-Electric through which the utility had pledged to nurture students by providing them resources and guidance to inspire future engineers.

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