Kasur incident and beyond

THE loathsome incident of kidnapping, molestation and murder of a minor girl in Kasur has triggered protests, violence and condemnation not just in Kasur but also in other parts of the country. The widespread condemnation and demands for severest punishment for perpetrator(s) of the crime would surely help the cause of protection and safety of not just children but also womenfolk as a whole and disadvantaged and vulnerable segments of the society.
Honour killings, rapes at the instance of so-called local panchayats and Jirgas as well as naked parading of women in some areas has become an issue that deserves serious and urgent attention of not just the local administrations, police, provincial and federal governments but also the judiciary. We are quick at trying to exploit such despicable incidents to further our particular political objectives and designs but things remain as they are after each of the incident of similar nature – be it in Punjab, Sindh, KP or Balochistan. Kasur tragedy is also being exploited by some political parties to lash out at government despite the fact that the Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif not only visited the family but ordered formation of a Joint Investigation Team, which will surely have full support and backing of all law-enforcing agencies including all out assistance by the Army as already announced by COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa.
In this backdrop, there is hardly any logic to use the incident for political purposes, destabilise the government or create uncertainty and chaos in the society. Whose interest are we serving by damaging public, private properties along with medical facilities, power distribution network and attacks on police? What purpose these tactics would serve except to deflect attention from the real issue of provision of justice to the family of the child so that there is no such incident in future? Instead of anarchic pursuits, it is the duty of sitting government and all of us to extend a helping hand to the Police, an institution that should be thoroughly depoliticised and allowed to work independently for improving law & order situation, to apprehend the culprit and prevent recurrence of such brutal episodes in future. Parliamentarians should address loopholes in the system, allow administration and police to overcome their shortcomings and deficiencies and courts expedite disposal of such cases on a war footing to make the culprits an example for others.

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