Kashmiris welcome Pakistan assurance on Kashmir talks

Rap Indian intransigence

Hameed Shaheen

Islamabad—Kashmiri political and religious circles have welcomed the Monday presser of Sartaj Aziz, Adviser on Foreign Affairs to PM Pakistan, and said that Pakistan is active party of the dispute over Jammu and Kashmir State since India took it to UN Security Council on Jan 1, 1948. Kashmir is a political issue. Sartaj had reiterated Pakistan’s stand that talks in future with India would start from Kashmir. Kashmiri circles said Kashmir is not a land dispute. According to the principles of the grand partition of South Asia on August14/15, 1947, Jammu and Kashmir with an area of 88023 square miles, becomes natural part of Pakistan. In the war of liberation in 1947-48 over 37,000 square miles of area was liberated from dual forces of India and the Maharaja. This portion is now functionally and ideologically part of Pakistan, these circles told Pakistan Observer here on Tuesday in a Kashmir Opinion survey conducted by this scribe.
Elderly Kashmiri groups reminded that on August 12, 1947, Maharaja Harisingh, the last rulers of J&K State, had voluntarily made a Standstill Agreement with Pakistan surrendering all those subjects of the State which were being looked after by the British India government. These subjects were: Defense, communications, foreign affairs, currency and economic development of the State. In principle with the acceptance of the Standstill Agreement Pakistan had assumed the responsibility of these subjects. As the Standstill Agreement has never been rescinded, therefore in principle Pakistan’s role is intact which has been blocked by heavy deployment of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir today, over 800,000.
The Kashmir watchers said that the map of this region is assuming such proportions that sooner Kashmiris and Pakistanis shall have to fight a self-safety fight with their conventional foe. They pointed out that India was building a dangerous cobweb around Pakistan to overran/bypass the routes which run thru Pakistan landmass.
Kashmiri elders warned that either whole of Asia or South Asia seems to be future harsh collision as Kashmir is an alive issue. India has left its peace raag under Modi; they are preparing themselves for what they perceive a ‘crushing’ round of war, come what may. Kashmir watchers called upon their people to stand ready for any moment can unleash a disaster from Indian intransigence.

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