Kashmiris suffering inhuman treatment by Indian Government

Rayyan Baig

THE unwavering struggle of Kashmiris’ is going on, through thick and thin, for the last three quarters of a century. Though the tyranny has been daubed on Kashmiris for the last two centuries, since Ranjit Singh’s reign, however, after thepartition in 1947 the life of Kashmiris has become worse under Indian occupation.
The Kashmiris have been treated byIndians like slaves, with no rights whatsoever. Despite Muslims being in majority in Kashmir, over 80 %, they were not given the right like majority of states to decide about their future as per the partition plan. Since 1947, Kashmir, “The Heaven on Earth” has been turned into hell for its dwellers in IHK by India through brute force.
Though the UNSC Resolutions No 47 promised right of self-determination to Kashmiris, but despite lapsing many decades it’s still just promise with no realization in sight. The extreme draconian laws, specific to Kashmir, have been enacted over the years to grant excessive powers to Indian Army/ LEAs in IOK.
Though these laws fell much short of the recognized norms of justice, still they fail to bind Indian Army within their confines. As a matter of fact, Indian Army and LEAs do not recognize any law while dealing with the people of IOK, especially the Muslims.
The Indian Army indulges in kidnapping, rapes, torture, extrajudicial killing, trespassing ofproperty and burning of property without fear of any repercussion. Any house can be trespassed, searched and any one can be arrested without warrant, proof or involvement.
Even the innocents arrested do not get relief from any quarter to prove their innocence. The treatment meted out to those arrested is unimaginable, they are beaten to pulp, forced to drinkurine and human waste along with bread and their religious beliefs are violated.
Especially in Tihar and Kathua Jails the Kashmiri prisoners are forced to suck each other’s private parts, urinate in each other mouth and the pigs are let loose to lick their mouth and face while the cops push water and bread into their mouth. Hussain, a recently released Kashmiri, isone such example who was arrested from his home without any fault, had to spend twelve long years in Tihar Jail, andwas meted out the treatment mentioned above.
The recent thrashing of Ahtisham Farooq Malik and Shahid Yousaf on 21Nov and the appearance of images on media has even compelled Mehbooba Mufti to express her concern to Union Home Secretary over the gross harassment and manhandling of Kashmiri inmates in Tihar and Kathua Jails. The sick Kashmiris in the jails are also not provided with any treatment/ medical help which further compounds their miseries and sufferings.So for tens of thousands of Kashmiris have disappeared, some were later identified from mass graves, overall over100,000 Kashmiris have died in the hands of cruel Indian forces.
Tens of thousands of women have been raped by Indian forces, as rape is being used by them, those raped include from 13 years girl to 80 years old women.
The presence ofover 700,000 Indian soldiers in IHK, almost one Indian soldier for every 14 Kashmiris, have subjected the entire population to the worst kind of human rights abuse. Under Mudi’s government, especially after Wani’s martyr, the Indian forces have crossed all the limits of brutality. In the month of November alone, around 30 Kashmir is have been killed bythe occupied forces. From July 2016 to November 2017 hundreds of Kashmiris have been killed, 21,000 injured and around 19,000 arrested by Indian LEAs. Around 750 women have been molested, 53 schools burned, and 65,630houses/buildings damaged by Indian security forces. The pallet guns are being used to intentionally blind Kashmiri youth, so for 300 Kashmiris youth have lost one or two eyes, whereas around 1,000 youth are on the verge of losing their eyesight.
The Indian government has also not allowed the UN or any other organization/ world body to investigate Indian violationsof human rights in IHK. Taking the advantage of absence of any international/ neutral monitoring and reporting system the India has also resorted to using chemical weapons against Kashmiris.
Earlier, Indian Army shamelessly tied a Kashmiri on the jeep as a human shield against stone-pelting and the video got viral, showing the true face of India to the world.
Instead of feeling ashamed and acting against the offending Major the Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat awarded him with a military honor for using Kashmiri as a human shield. Indians have made IHK a land of orphans and widows, reportedly now RSS goons have also been blended with LEAs to kill innocent Kashmiris.
Even the religious festivals like Juma prayers, Milad festivals and Eid are turned into “Holi of Blood” by the occupation forces. Indian Army shows no mercy for the elderly, women or children all are treated with the muzzle of the gun.
A BSF soldier Chanderbhan hasrecently been killed, in District Bandipora, by his colleagues after he refused to fire pellet gun on protesting youngchildren, calling they were like his own children. The killing of this soldier proves that the Indians are not ready to to lerateany saner voice, even from their own ranks and files.
Many Indian soldiers have committed suicide in IHK as theirconscious pricked them over the atrocities committed by Indian Army on unarmed civilians.
The champions of Human Rights and the proponents of peace all over the World display special “DP Image Profile Pictures” in supports of victims of any terrorist attack or injustice, but are not moved on the unabated acts of state terrorism on innocent Kashmiris including political prisoners of IHK.
The criminal silence of the world community overgrows human rights violations in IHK is the reason of relentless bloodshed of Kashmiris in the hands of Indian troops. The World needs to know that Indians can never succeed in subduing the Kashmiris’ freedom sentiments through military might, it however, would just add to the sufferings of Kashmiris.
Kashmir is like a scintilla near stockpile of explosive andcan turn the region into ashes. It’s the sole major irritant between the two nuclear armed rivals and if not resolved immediately, as per the aspirations of Kashmiris, may destroy the peace of the region and the World.
The UN needs to immediately send fact finding missions in IOK, stop India from committing human rights violations, including inhuman treatment of Kashmiri prisoners in jails, and ensure the implementation of UNSC resolutions about the future of Kashmir without any further delay.

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