Kashmiris still living mental disturbance life!

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Farhana Rakshand

THE unrest in Kashmir has now become part and parcel of every Kashmiri’s life. People have accepted it as their fate as they have become habituated to this kind of life where nothing but distress prevails. The evidence lies in the way people handle their day-to-day life. The extremity of the fact is that each of us takes a brief look at the daily newspaper so as to find any news, per se , pertaining to armed or unarmed uprising that could be triggered anywhere across the valley, before digesting the morning tea with nanbai ki roti.
Our crucial lifestyle; wherein we are bound to earn bread and butter for our family while suffering from loads of stress because of the situation happening around our environment. And when situation seems insurmountable we have to even become part of the protest since the injustice of maltreatment goes beyond our threshold. People here live a life way beyond normalcy. In today’s highly competitive world, we have to strive hard for our livelihood so that we can sustain our family or ourselves.
On one hand, we have to achieve our life goals under the shadow of death; while on the other hand, we are supposed to condemn the atrocities performed by the elements that are basically part of our life goals. In this case, it becomes contradictory if we rebel against those authorities who account for the success of our personal aspirations.
The whole psychology is such that our mind is drifted towards pacifying our wounds and at the same time working towards progress in our lives, which is the true essence of life. Apparently, one’s psyche divulges its character which is bifurcated into 2 different behavioural patterns. Although, the problem is not medically determined, however the way people react or live their lives in Kashmir is noteworthy.
Where we are heading is not easily understandable for those people who live in a conflict free zone. We have no control on the present circumstances, so bringing a positive change seems a stance still hard to achieve. We keep cursing the system yet we don’t stop our life activities related to progress. When any situation entails the opportunity for us to enjoy, we leave no stone unturned to grab it.
We have developed the ability to change from anxious state of mind towards courageous one to produce positive results through our hard work and dedication. The palpable awareness of the negativity in the environment brings forth new different challenges which contribute towards our changing attitude from high to low life conditions. We know the value of life that is why our behaviour shifts from one extreme level to another.
We can never be at ease even if we are showered with lot of blessings in terms of financial strength, relationships or friendship etc. The pitfall of our thinking and behavioural pattern are illustrated by the crisis we deal with day in and day out. Although, we are heading towards disaster yet we experience happiness alongside. The incomprehensive behavioural pattern had not even spared our political leaders who are not way behind the Kashmiri civilians. The irony of the situation is that the unusual distinct personality states in our political leaders, which is depicted in their demeanor, reflecting the same psychological tinge; prove to be detrimental for us, adding another bonus in the land of confusion. Their dual policy of luring people to get votes becomes quite apparent when they attend political discourse in the parliament, changing their verdict so as to please the central government. When they lose the throne their empathy is all with the victims or indirect victims of the populace, they show empathy towards people, deliver speeches in a soft spoken language, and thereby wear a new attitude in their personality.
In psychology, a term denoted as Dissociative identity disorder is a condition wherein a person’s identity is capable of splitting into two or more distinct personality states. Sometimes I wonder, are we all stricken from this behavioural disorder? Do we need highly qualified and uniquely experienced psychologists to cure our mental disturbance? I don’t know the answer. Knock, knock. Anybody there! (Is there anybody to provide a permanent solution to Kashmir issue) ?

—Courtesy: GK

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