Kashmiris look towards the UN

PEOPLE of Pakistan expressed complete solidarity with their Kashmiri brethren on the occasion of Black Day observed on October 27 to highlight the plight of the people in Occupied Kashmir and the need for just resolution of the longstanding conflict as per UN Security Council resolutions. The day was marked with protest rallies, demonstrations, seminars and special talk shows on electronic media besides photographic exhibitions and documentaries depicting Indian atrocities.
Kashmir is surely an unfinished agenda of partition and four generations of Kashmiris have waited and fought for their right of self-determination as pledged to them not only by the United Nations but also forefathers of India. President Mamnoon Hussain and Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi have done well by reminding the UN of its obligations and urging India to stop worst kind of state terrorism against Kashmiris and take measures for peaceful resolution of the conflict. As Kashmiris and people of Pakistan observed Black Day, there were some encouraging developments elsewhere which are reflective of growing realisation of what is happening in Occupied Kashmir amid India’s repressive policies and threat that the unresolved issue poses to regional peace and security. Kashmir Parliamentary Group in the UK Parliament has announced to investigate human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir in December this year, prepare a report and submit it in Parliament to reflect the true ground situation. UN Human Rights Council has already demanded dispatch of fact-finding missions to Occupied Kashmir as has repeatedly been urged by the OIC but India is resisting all such moves as it could expose its black deeds. The way target killings, disappearances, rape, use of pellet guns and systematic physical and economical annihilation of Kashmiris is taking place it clearly exposes the disfigured face of a country that claims to be biggest democracy and is a candidate for a permanent berth at the UN Security Council. But despite curfews and curbs, information about crimes against humanity in Occupied Kashmiris has started trickling down and is finding space in world media. We believe that it is because of the successful diplomatic campaign launched by Pakistan, courageous stand adopted by our leadership during interaction with world leaders and the positive role played by Pakistani media that today there is greater realisation about peaceful resolution of the dispute and India will ultimately have to listen to the voice of Kashmiris.

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