Kashmiris killings by Indian army instigate youth fight

A.C Shah-Ul-Hameed

Colombo—The Kashmir Valley once famed for its picturesque beauty and the Dal Lake which reflect the surrounding snow-capped mountain peaks has been turned into a violent battle ground between militant young Kashmiris armed with stones fighting heavily armed Indian troops.The conflict also raises troubling questions regarding allegations of crimes against humanity, a failure to take steps to stop the ongoing violence will only drive more young Kashmiris to see armed struggle as the only means to achieve their freedom” states Sri Lanka’s leading newspaper “Daily mirror” in its editorial on August 1.
The ongoing conflict , a by-product of the division of British India into the independent states of India and Pakistan.
The Immediate cause for the latest round of unrest is the killing of Burhan Muzaffer Wani – a militant young Kashmiri who aspired to an Independent Kashmir – by Indian forces.
Since his death on July 8 this year around 61 Kashmiris , mainly youth have been killed and thousands injured.

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