Kashmiris’ craving for world attention

Rayyan Baig

THE IOK is a story of brutalities, oppression, state terrorism by India and never-ending miseries/ sufferings by Kashmiris. The people of IHK are incessantly awaiting the world conscience to awaken from deep slumber in which they are for the last over 7 decades. The champions of Human Rights get perturbed on small little violations but remain unmoved on continued worse human rights violations in Kashmir.
It’s not just since 1947, rather the Kashmiris have been suffering for the last about two centuries. They have endured the tyranny of Ranjit Singh and Gulab Singh prior to the partition of the Subcontinent. After the unfair partition and illegal occupation of Kashmir by India the lives of people living in IHK became further miserable. The Kashmiris were denied their right to decide about their fate in 1947. To suppress them, Indian troops, Dogra Forces and Hindu fanatics ruthlessly killed three hundred thousand innocent Kashmiris within a period of two months.
After illegal occupation of IHK India employed all political gimmicks, assisted by renegade Abdullah family, to dampen people’s appetite for freedom, but all in vain. After failing to persuade people through puppet IHK governments India intensified its brutalities to crush Kashmiris. The Kashmiri generations after generations have been enslaved by the successive apathetic oppressors. About one million Kashmiris have perished in their struggle for freedom, over 11,000 women raped, 1000 people maimed/ blinded by pellet guns, their properties ransacked, and they are subjected to day to day humiliation by Indian LEAs.
After Modi’s coming into power India has crossed all the limits of morality, now use of pellet guns and chemical weapons against civilians in IHK have become a routine. The irony is that the World in general and, so called, the Civilized Society in particular are still quite on the heinous Human Rights violations.
The Kashmiri freedom struggle has passed from generations to generations, but the spirit has never veined rather it has strengthened with the passage of time. Those struggled and sacrificed included all genders, age groups and walk of life. After the martyrdom of “Freedom Icon” Burhan Wani, the indigenous freedom struggle has intensified, and the leadership has passed down to the educated youth.
The wave of hate against India after the brutal killing of Burhan Wani has multiplied. Educated Kashmiris including professors, scholars and intellectuals have also joined ranks and files of Freedom Fighters. Against non-stop Indian inhuman treatment, the patience of Kashmiris has already reached the brim. The students of schools, colleges and universities including girls are on the roads expressing their resentment and hatred by pelting stones at the lethally armed brutal Indian Army.
Kashmiris are no longer ready to accept Indian hegemony and openly demand to join Pakistan. The fluttering of green Pakistani flags despite the hail of bullets and teargas has become a common sight. Anyone dying in the hands of occupied Indian Forces is buried rapped in Pakistani flag.
The joining of Hizbul Mujahideen by a research scholar Mannan Bashir Wani and later his Martyrdom has further invigorated the movement and given inspiration to youth to struggle for their motherland. The seven decades of oppression, injustice and cruelty by India has not been able to silence Kashmiris. If India thinks that it can frighten Kashmiris and suppress their struggle by killing young Kashmiris she is sadly mistaken. The Martyrdom is the Oxygen of freedom struggle, the killing of one Wani by Indian Armed Forces would produces hundred more.
India has been denying reps from UN, OIC and other World bodies to visit IHK for finding the facts about HR violations. The recurring and unacceptable Human Rights violations in IHK compelled “Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights” (OHCHR) to issue its report, first time ever, to show India’s ugly face to the world. The UN Secretary General also expressed his concern over the situation in IHK in his recent visit to India.
However, just presenting reports of HR violations and showing concerns on the plight of Kashmiri’s won’t stop India from committing accesses against Kashmiris and also not mitigate their sufferings. The World needs to act against India to compel her to abide by the UN resolutions over Kashmir. The implementation of the oldest and unresolved UN Resolutions over Kashmir is the only remedy to end the perpetual sufferings of Kashmiris and a recipe to the lasting peace and prosperity in South Asia.

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