Kashmiri leaders legions failed to get justice for people

Srinagar—President Awami Ittihad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Er Rashid has asked Kashmiri leadership claiming to be belonging to various streams to introspect and tell people why everybody failed in achieving anything till date despite getting everything they demanded from Kashmiris.
Addressing a function at Pathribal Brariagan to pay homage to the Pathribal and Brakpora martyrs, Er Rashid said on a day when former president of Serb Republic Radowan Karadazic was convicted by UN judges at international tribunal in Hague for 40 years for carrying genocide of Serb Muslims, ill fated families of Pathribal martyrs are celebrating 16th anniversary of their beloved ones and justice as usual is a distinct dream. Kashmiri leaders need to tell why they couldn’t even succeed in getting justice for a single Kashmiri.
He said, “The tragedies of Kashmiris are not less than that of Bosnians and there are many Karadazics roaming free who have killed Kashmiris in cold blooded murders in Pathribal and elsewhere. Leaders cannot simply escape by blaming India and its institutions, as we should never expect India to be sincere and honest to us as army and other institutions have carried out massacres deeming them acts of nationalism and national interest. Leaders have to resolve issues, get justice and show a path, rather crying foul.”
Er Rashid, “Kashmiri leaders have done nothing except accusing and blaming each other and have made things very easy for the state. Hollow promises made by everyone have made a joke of Kashmiris.”
Unfortunately the army of Kashmiri leaders has not only made itself doubtful before its people by creating rumours and confusions about each other but have also implemented the “agenda of enemies of Kashmiris by not having a consensus over very few simple but important basic issues.—RK

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