Kashmir dispute needs re-sensitization at world level

Kashmiris destined to win their struggle

Syed Hameed shaheen Alvi


In the context of emerging new internationalizm the UN-dossiered dispute over Jammu and Kashmir needs urgent re-sensitization of its historic aspects at the world level, was the consensus of a variety of interviewees, talking to Pakistan Observer Thursday here. All participants in the Survey were of the combined opinion that the thrust of the Kashmir dispute history speaks in favor of Kashmiris call for having right to determine their future destiny as per UN Security Council lucid rulings from 1948 onwards.
This scribe interviewed Pakistani and Kashmiri youth on how to create a global awakening on oldest Kashmir dispute, from the twin cities. University student Rizwan Sufi said: Jammu and Kashmir forms part of Pakistan Movement as the K character in the name of Pakistan represents Kashmir. He pridefully recalled the observation of Founder of Pakis tan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah that “Kashmir politically and intellectually is lifeline of Pakistan. No honorable nation can tolerate giving its jugular vein under the sword of its enemy”. He was full of all-sacrifice spirit for the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir by all internationally upheld means.
Senior advocate Malik Mohammad Hayat said that government of AJK or of Pakistan should form expert lawyers delegations to be sent abroad to sensitioze in legal terms the issue of Jammu and Kashmir. I am myself prepared to visit foreign capitals for the pupose, but I urge forceful role by the diplomats of Pakistan in facilitating contacts with capitals and parliaments of democratic world. Let it be a joint mission, he suggested.
Prof Ali Raza Bukhari paid generous tributes to the valiant struggling Kashmiris in India-grabbed Kashmir saying ‘we all stand unitedly behind the people of Kashmir and their struggle both’. We have had to complete the an unfinished Southern Asian political agenda that had brought into geographic being two countries to their independence and sovereignty – Pakistan and Hindustan. This is our unchangeable pledge to the history and the posterity. We have had to fulfill this dedicated pledge, he replied confidently.
Asked about latest movement going on in occupied Jammu for separation of it [Jammu] from Kashmir Valley, a learned lady Fauzia who is heading an independent academic institute in Islamabad said: Jammu and Kashmir is a united State. It cannot be bifurcated under any conspiracy understandably hatched by India. It is a single landmass recognized by the world body of United Nations. Even today UN has had its presence in both parts of the State – AJK and IOK, reassuring Kashmiris that Kashmir dispute is a reality. No amount of Indian propaganda can blacken the global facts on Kashmir, she impressed.

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