Kashmir — a downtrodden land

Wajahat Abro
Shikarpur, Sindh

A place, where bloodsheds are cheaper than water, humanity is sold, justice is denied, human rights are refused and overall peace is a dream, is known as Kashmir—a downtrodden land. It is the occupied Kashmir, which has been reeling under multiple complex problems for long time. However, the native of occupied Kashmir are facing worst-ever atrocities by Indian Security Forces. It was the killing of Burhan Wani, a social media icon, who lost his precious life because he raised his brave voice for the rights of citizens in society. After his killing whole Srinagar city was completely shut down as people were in immense anger and frustration, they came on roads and started peaceful protest against the killing of innocent people. No denying the fact that Kashmir was once known as a paradise on earth but nowadays it has been turned into the hell by such bloodiest Indian Authorities. Everything has been destroyed but not a single nation has come up with appropriate policies and efforts to solve the most critical matters of Kashmir. Besides, not to speak of other countries, United States, known as super-power, does not take any solid action against those brutalities in Kashmir. It seems that every nation has lost hopes and washed their hands off instead of solving grass-root issues of Kashmir. As, the gruesome acts of brutality have rekindled flame of independence in hearts and minds of Kashmiri youth. Kashmir is crying bloody tears so we, as a nation, are to feel their sorrows, tribulations, hue and cry. All states of world, especially Muslim countries should assure Kashmiri youth that they stand united with them.

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