Karzai says Afghanistan faces an ‘imposed war’ as govt, Taliban end ease fire


KABUL : The former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has urged the parties involved in the ongoing conflict to end the war as the Afghan government on Saturday said the ceasefire with the Taliban group has come to an end.

In reaction to the declaration of an end to the ceasefire and resumption of the operations, Karzai said the ongoing conflict has been imposed on the Afghan nation by the foreigners.

Karzai further added that only Afghans are the victims of the ongoing devastating war in the country.

Karzai further added that all parties in the conflict should be vigilant, free themselves from the conspiracies of the foreigners and stand against those who are creating divisions and killing the Afghan people.

Emphasizing on the revival of reconciliation process, Karzai urged all the parties involved in the conflict to refrain from war and violence and adopt a peaceful approach.

This comes as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Saturday said the extended ceasefire with the Taliban group has come to an end and the Afghan forces are allowed to start their operations against the militant groups.

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